Vinyasa Yoga Flow and Sound meditation

Welcome to my site which contains both meditation and Vinyasa flow yoga with singing bowls and other sound healing.

My background is pedagogue, natural scientist, environmental and health protection inspector. In my profession I work as an environmental inspector, but privately I wish to look after the whole person.

To focus on the whole, I have trained as a yoga instructor in Ashtanga & Vinyasa flow yoga, 200 points. This training is approved within the international yoga organization, Yoga Alliance.

I have also followed a course in yoga and therapy bowls to learn the basics of using sounding bowls.

I have practiced meditation since 18 years more or less. Exercise and well-being based on healthy routines have always been important to me, as has close contact with nature. Music has also fascinated me and how it affects us physiologically while it is nice to listen to.

Under the retreat tab, I post what is planned next.

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From time to time I collaborate with other health inspirers.





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Asanas (positions)

In my yoga education, we studied anatomy and had yoga practice parallel to the education to learn correctly performed asanas (positions) and corrections in yoga classes with experienced yoga teachers. This is of course to avoid unnecessary injuries both when we stand in the asanas (positions) and what we should think about when correcting others.

In the photo, Upward Bow (Urdhva Dhanurasana) is shown by me and it is not performed correctly. Whoever writes what correction needs to be made wins a free yoga or meditation session. However, you can not be a yoga instructor!