Singing bowls and other instruments

We hear more than with our ears. We hear with the whole body. Sound waves affect us in different ways when they make their mark inside us. Some sounds are perceived as pleasant and healing while others bring unpleasant feelings.

Man has used instruments to heal or create harmony for millennia with singing bowls and gongs.

Singing bowls and gongs are said to recreate good frequencies in our energy system. The Tibetan monks use these extensively to create balance and harmony during meditation.

I use, among other things, both therapy bowls and singing bowls in both yoga and meditation.

The bowls are made of different metals and in different proportions to bring out different supporting harmonic sounds. The metals can be, for example, tin, copper, silver, iron and gold.

Everything in nature is arranged in harmonious proportions, in vibrations just like in music. Each atom vibrates in its own special way. When we listen to the blood pulsating in the body, it too has a harmony.

Singing bowls of good quality sound in several different overtones, which are experienced very positively when the oscillations in the body feel harmonious. The sound goes straight into the innermost core of the body.

The body water (about 80%) carries vibrations well and we can experience the sound of the sounding bowl as an internal massage. The sound bowl is said to recreate and stimulate the body’s own harmonic frequencies. By being stimulated by the vibration from a sounding bowl, the body can resume its own “undisturbed” frequency and we are “tuned/calibrated” which means that we end up in inner balance with ourselves.

You simply have to try it!