Yoga is a form of Mindfulness where sleepy souls are not in danger of falling asleep.

Yoga increases your endurance, strength, improves your oxygen uptake, circulation, strengthens and stretches your muscles. Your joints, ligaments become more flexible, your spine is strengthened through movement. New movement patterns also increase your creativity by creating more connections between the right and left hemispheres of the brain. Your analyzing brain can relax and solutions to life’s puzzles fall into place by themselves.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Everyone can do yoga and yoga can be different for different people. It doesn’t even have to be something physical. It can be a personal and valuable experience. It depends on how we value.

Should we do a yoga session, it is important to be present and observant in what feels good in ourselves. It is important to be careful with the knees, back, neck and not to do foolish overstretching. If it doesn’t feel good – don’t do it! You decide what you do with your body on the mat, not the yoga teacher.

Yoga is not about getting old, but about health, flexibility and strength from the inside out based on one’s own conditions. Not all people can practice, for example, a lotus position, where you sit with your legs crossed and both feet resting on your thighs. Our pelvis is different and it doesn’t help to strain and stretch. Then you can instead injure yourself and that is not the idea behind yoga.

Knees are extremely sensitive and very little error correction can later cause extensive problems. An overstretched hamstring, for example, can be costly and take years to deal with in addition to the pain.

Anatomy is not included in all yoga courses. Not all trainings are approved within the Yoga Alliance either. Feel free to check where your yoga teacher has done his internship, what was included and if he is approved within the Yoga Alliance.

I adapt my yoga to the group. I start from the asanas of Ashtangayogan, modernized in some cases, which is reasonable to do based on our Western culture and our physical here in the West. We are usually more rigid. If you want to do it and can – do it! You decide your level yourself. Always!

I try to get a nice flow with selected gentle transitions between asanas (positions). We gradually stretch both large and small muscle groups throughout the body. Finally, we rest for a while on the mat before thanking each other and leaving our yoga practice.


Vinyasa Flow Yoga & singing bowls

We hear with the whole body and the sound goes straight into the innermost core of the body. The body’s water carries the vibrations well in our body and we can experience the vibrations of the singing bowls as a wonderful internal massage.
Singing bowls like gongs are said to recreate and stimulate the body’s own harmonic frequencies.

By letting the vibrations of sounding bowls stimulate our bodies, we can recreate our own energy system to our undisturbed frequency and we end up in an inner balance with ourselves. Please read more about singing bowls under the tab “Singing bowls and other instruments”.

At the end of each yoga session during relaxation I often use singing bowls or other music.

Under the Vinyasa Yoga Flow tab, you can read more about the yoga sessions.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga & sound meditation

After the Yoga Flow session, instead of relaxation, I have a slightly longer sitting meditation with elements of sound instruments as well.

Please read more about sounding bowls under the tab “Singing bowls and other instruments”.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga Walk & talk

Nature’s generous greenery and dazzling beauty generate good and harmonious feelings.

By staying in forest and land, your immune system improves. At the same time  you get lots of fresh air and daylight which also makes you sleep better. Through physical movement and exercise, your mental well-being improves, while social community contributes to feeling increased joy.

During Walk & talk conversations, we focus on content-rich themes about things that concern us humans. We combine the topics of conversation during the forest walk with a stop for lovely flowy Vinyasa yoga on a suitable meadow or beach.

Combining these various beneficial health factors boosts you as a whole and creates an increased calm in everyday life. When we experience meaningful conversations in social community during activity and in beautiful nature, it contributes to feeling a deep satisfaction in the soul.