Meditation is the only true path to lasting happiness. The more often you repeat it, the more your authentic presence increases and you become more balanced by increasing your awareness.

Sound and vibrations from singing bowls harmonize your well-being to an even higher degree of well-being.

Nature and the forest offer you free lessons in Mindfulness. By staying in forest and land, your immune system improves. At the same time  you get lots of fresh air and daylight which also makes you sleep better

Meditation and mantra

Meditation with me can be with mantras in the sacred language of Sanskrit or just sitting and focusing on your breathing in and out. It is fine to both sit on a chair or directly on the floor as you are used to with a straight back. The important thing is that you sit comfortably. The fingers do not need to be held in mudras or in any special way at all. It is enough to hold hands together or snap fingers as is convenient.

The intention of the meditation is that the focus should be relaxed and not too concentrated. Mantra or focus on the breath is for diverting other thoughts. Thoughts will appear and it doesn’t matter. The important thing is not to get attached to them. Just let go of the thoughts that come up and let them pass like a passing cloud.

When you are stressed, it can be nice to do something physically strenuous first, like a “tougher yoga session or some other physical activity”, and a relaxation exercise before the meditation. It creates easier space for peace of mind.

Even from the beginning, when you are not used to meditating, there may be small pauses of stillness where it feels like the brain is resting. These moments increase if you make it a habit to meditate regularly. It is extremely beneficial for the soul and increases moments of happiness. Once you have experienced the deep beneficial brain rest, you will want to continue because this phenomenon is very pleasant.


Meditation and singing bowls

We open up with simple yoga exercises and then sit comfortably with a straight back, take a few deep breaths, follow our breathing and let the vibrations of the sound wash over us.


Please read more on the page “Singing bowls and other instruments.”

Walking meditation

Walking meditation is usually also mentioned as breathwalking when the meditation also includes breathing that synchronizes with the walk. It is experienced as calming and meditative when a walk can be practiced on a peaceful walking path, for example in a forest environment or by water – or why not both.

I try to plan beautiful walking paths with lots of nature experiences during these mindfulness experiences.

Relaxation and Yoga Nidra

All physical activity ends with relaxation in my yoga sessions.

Yoga Nidra is a type of deep relaxation. In Sanskrit Nidra means sleep and Yoga Nidra is also called yogic sleep or the sleepless sleep. It is a meditation technique that involves allowing the body to rest in deep relaxation while the mind is focused. Yoga Nidra is guided by an instructor.

Through deep relaxation combined with the impulses from the vibrations of the singing bowls, your body’s longest nerve is said to be stimulated – namely the vagus nerve. Some research is also said to show that our immune system is calmed when the vagus nerve is stimulated, with reduced inflammation and reduced pain as a result. I focus on increasing the feeling of well-being and increasing the quality of life, then it is extremely positive if pain becomes lighter and the health status increases. It is only welcome.

Sometimes singing bowls are included in Yoga Nidra based on what suits the occasion.